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James Farm 2021

House private courtyard

Regional, sustainable, animal-friendly, ecological & upmarket  

Currently, a homeowner farm, the James Farm, is being built. A modern farm which produces, processes and refines its own products. The livestock production of cattle, pigs and poultry has begun, whereby extensive livestock farming with maximum animal welfare is sought. Priority will be given to traditional, regional breeds, which promise high quality products and healthy, long-term offspring. Animal farming takes place in the field, dairy cows have outlet to the pasture too.

In addition to the stables, a building is being built for the farm's own dairy with a cheese factory and a butcher's shop. The first extension of the product range is the cultivation of vegetables and herbs. For this purpose, both areas are intended for outdoor cultivation as well as greenhouses.

We live the vision that sustainably produced foodstuffs, as it used to be, before the specialization of intensive agriculture, are produced and processed once again in a great variety on a farm. We are convinced that this is economically possible thanks to modern processes and techniques which lead to outstanding quality.

We ask you to fill in the fields marked with a *. Thanks a lot!

We ask you to fill in the fields marked with a *. Thanks a lot!
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