The Setups

Create anew according to the occasion

Setups individually  

A relaxed atmosphere awaits you in our three conference rooms and the coffee lounge, which makes the exchange of ideas and thoughts a pleasure.
Would you like to meet with 50 people? Naturally! With a variety of design options, you can transform our rooms to your taste.


The theater set-up is the ideal setting for your formal lecture to catch the attention of your audience. With this simple seating style, the chairs in rows of seats are aligned to the front.

The classic at conferences: a large, long table in the middle of the room with surrounding chairs. Ideal for discussing important topics in the group or for a creative exchange.

Are you planning a presentation with a speaker or chairperson who leads the whole? This informal set-up is ideal for ensuring that your enthusiastic listeners do not miss out on anything.

Everyone remembers their classroom back. Your participants sit at rows of tables with a view to the front and have the opportunity to take notes comfortably.

: The gala set-up with round tables of up to eight chairs per table is ideal for a festive setting. This allows significantly more networking among each other.

Relaxed enjoyment in a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere by placing cocktail tables. This style enables your guests to communicate and support an informal get-together.

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