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Underground Gym - coming soon -

Urban & Cool

Boxing, functional training, yoga and lots more  

The James Underground Gym stands for a sporty active lifestyle. For more power, coordination and balance. The daily portion of fitness presents itself here at workouts and training as a high fun factor. The occurring daylight gives the urban space a special energy and coolness.

Expert personal trainers inspire you with a holistic training, tailored to your personal goal. In August we will start Fitness Boxing, Managers Boxing - also in the ring - Functional training, cross-athletics, fascia training and other courses for exhausting are also perfect for our young guests and give new freedom of movement.

We also offer courses for Pilates, Yoga, Aerial Yoga & Co for beginners and experienced as well as for Kids & Teens. Our energetic yoga retreat exudes an harmonious view through the floor-to-ceiling window front to the upstream water houses. Especially the rhythmic Latin American dance sessions and tango get your body swinging.

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Train with your own body weight in our urban ambience and strengthen whole muscle groups!

Strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination can be increased.

Fitness Boxing strengthens the muscles and has a skin-tightening effect! The brisk box movements are intense and varied. The regular training improves endurance, coordination and technique in intensive technique sessions without relying on body contact.

Yoga for your conference break

A short yoga session works wonders and immediately raises the power curve. Breathing properly, supplies the brain with blood, thus enhancing blood flow and finally raising concentration levels. The exercises solve tensions and the joint training strengthens the teamwork. The effective body work spends new motivation and health-promoting.

Individual workouts are tailored to the needs of our guests, depending on their time and goal. First positive results are quickly noticeable.

We ask you to fill in the fields marked with a *. Thanks a lot!

We ask you to fill in the fields marked with a *. Thanks a lot!
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