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Ritual of the senses

Creative arrangements  

Taste the "knowledge of long life" and immerse yourself in Indian tradition. Forget everyday life with the traditional and stimulating head massage. The subsequent Garshan full body peeling, with a raw silk glove smoothes your skin and stimulates the blood circulation.

After this ideal preparation follows the sensual Abhyanga full body massage with the warm and caressing sesame oil. On request, we can complete the naturally pure oil with compositions of ethereal essences that match your dosha / constitution type*, so that you can involve the vegetative nervous system in this experience from the very first stroke. At the end of the ritual, we recommend a rest period in our relaxation rooms. We'll also give you a soothing, Ayurvedic spiced tea.

*You are welcome to do a free Dosha test in advance at the SPA reception - we will be happy to advise you further.

Treatment time: 90 min I € 175

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