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For body and mind

Massages, peelings & hammam  


Forget everyday life and let yourself be pampered. Relax with a classic massage or enjoy our exclusive selection, e.g. our "Vulcan" hot stone massage, our Excotic "Lava Stone" massage or our Mummy massage.


We design an individual treatment for you to optimize the functionality and mobility of your body.

BOdy Scrubs

Cleanse your soul and skin with a nourishing, beneficial body peeling.

Oriental Hamam

A break for body and soul, a magical trip to the Orient.

Our Treatments:

The peculiarity of the volcanic rock is skillfully used here to relieve tension and gently harmonize energy channels. An ideal symbiosis of the deep warmth of the rock and blending into one another.

Whole body massage     Treatment time: 75 min I € 145 

A massage composition from aromatic oils and caressing shells. Feel the warmth of the shells gliding on the skin in time with the sea and experience pure deceleration.

Whole body massage Treatment time: 75 min I € 145  

Based on foot reflex therapy, this massage stimulates the organs via pressure points on the soles of the feet. These pressure points are linked to the respective organs via nerve pathways and thus stimulate self-healing. Finally, the feet and lower legs are generously spread out to activate the lymphatic system. Whether you have a headache, muscular tension, sleep disorders or just to relax - this massage is always a good choice.

Feet / lower leg       Treatment time: 45 min I € 75

You will experience deep relaxation with this relax massage. Tension in the head and neck as well as the facial muscles are gently released - blood circulation to the scalp is stimulated and the lymph flow is improved. A fresh complexion and pure relaxation!

Face / head / neck     Treatment time:  30 min I € 55

Balm for the soul of mum & baby. We pamper pregnant women from the 4th month on with decongestive and relaxing massage techniques, well lying on their side.

Partial body massage      Treatment time: 45 min I € 95



During this exclusive treatment time, you and your well-being are the focus. From the repertoire of treatment concepts, the functionality and mobility of the body is optimized according to agreement and state of mind, thus alleviating pain.

Partial body      treatment time: 45 min I  105      

This valuable massage gives relaxation and relaxation after an intensive sports session.

It is also preventive and protects against muscle hardening and has a positive effect on performance. Here targeted muscle groups are massaged, stretched and loosened.

Partial body      Treatment time: 30 min I € 70    


Body scrubs

Pampering body scrubs  

Hamam Experience

For explorers and connoisseurs  

The hammam - once experienced, never forgotten. A break for body and soul, a magical journey to the Orient. Enjoy this traditional bathing ritual from “One Thousand and One” nights and then let yourself be pampered in our hammam “Delight Zone” with typical delicacies.

The hamam ritual includes various water sprinkles, an exfoliation with raw silk glove and original soap foam massage as well as a traditional head wash.

Treatment duration: 60 min I € 135

(Please note that hamam treatments are currently not allowed due to hygiene measures.)

The Hamam Ceremony includes various water sprinkles, an exfoliation with raw silk glove and original soap foam massage, a traditional head wash as well as a head and foot massage and a final full-body oiling with wild rose oil.

Treatment duration: 80 min I € 170

After the hammam treatment, the skin is wonderfully smooth and relaxed. By oiling it from copper to toe with wild rose oil, it is silky-soft.

Treatment duration: 20 min I € 35

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