Bookable extras within the treatment


Deep Clean by Team DR Joseph
Deep cleaning redefined. Following the cleaning step of your chosen treatment, cupping glasses are skillfully used to activate the lymphatic system and support the removal of waste products. After this stimulating and equally beneficial treatment step, the herbal steam compress massage follows. Warm, aromatic and nourishing herbal stamps glide over the skin and round off the cleaning process with their balancing effect. The vegetative nervous system is calmed, the facial expressions and skin complexion harmonized.

Treatment time: 20 min | € 35.00

Dye eyelashes
Treatment time: 10 min | € 12.00

Eyebrow correction
Treatment time: 10 min | € 12.00

To color eyebrows
Treatment time: 05 min | € 10.00

Depilation face from 10 €
Treatment time: 05 min | € 10.00

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