Esensa Mediterana

Esensa Mediterana

Mediterranean cosmetics  

ESENSA MEDITERANA cosmetics stand for unique synergy from phyto, aroma and thalassotherapy. Valuable essential oils and active ingredient-rich plant and sea extracts promise maximum effectiveness, optimal tolerance and an exceptional care experience.


Natural essential oils and precious essences, exquisite plant extracts as well as valuable trace elements and minerals from algae and other marine organisms work in synergy and ensure exceptional effectiveness.

ESENSA MEDITERANA relies on natural and high-quality anti-aging ingredients for its cosmetic products. They are free from parabens, mineral oils, silicones and alcohol as well as genetically modified ingredients.

ESENSA MEDITERANA has succeeded in combining silky soft textures and subtle fragrances in the care lines. This innovative combination of natural Mediterranean active ingredients ensures noticeable and visible results and unique ease of use.

ESENSA MEDITERANA is the unique combination of phyto, aroma and thalassotherapy. Valuable essential oils and plant and sea extracts rich in active ingredients promise maximum effectiveness, optimal tolerance and an exceptional care experience.



Sensual face ritual with highly active anti-aging ingredients and a composition of 100% natural caviar extracts, collagen, algae and hyaluronic acid. Intensive regeneration, moisturizing and smoothing of the skin, embedded in a maritime pampering experience.

Treatment time: 75 min | € 105.00

Seductive face ritual with rose stem cells from alpine rose, rose oils, soy proteins and highly active anti-aging ingredients such as Raffermine® and LiftiLine®. Exceptional care experience for regeneration, balance and luminosity of the skin. Beguiling ethereal scents make this ritual a pure harmony for all senses.

Treatment time: 75 min | € 105.00

The use of ultrasound in cosmetics works where skin aging occurs. Targeted ultrasound waves stimulate skin renewal by activating the cell division of collagen and elastin. The elasticity and elasticity of the skin have been shown to increase. The skin tissue is loosened in depth and thus more permeable to successor products, so that the care essences can penetrate deeper. The skin relief becomes noticeably plumper and the complexion rosier. Intensify your treatment result with the skillful use of the Ultrasonic.

Treatment time: 20 min | € 30.00

Deep Clean & Herbal compresses by Team Dr. Joseph
Deep cleaning redefined. Following the cleaning step of your chosen treatment, cupping glasses are skillfully used to activate the lymphatic system and support the removal of waste products. After this stimulating and equally beneficial treatment step, the herbal steam compress massage follows. Warm, aromatic and nourishing herbal stamps glide over the skin and round off the cleaning process with their balancing effect. The vegetative nervous system is calmed, the facial expressions and skin complexion harmonized.

Treatment time: 25 min | € 40.00

Dye eyelashes
Treatment time: 10 min | € 12.00

Eyebrow correction
Treatment time: 10 min | € 12.00

To color eyebrows
Treatment time: 05 min | € 10.00

Depilation face from 10 €
Treatment time: 05 min | € 10.00

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